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In a purple mood for lemonade // Lila Limonadenlaune

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Most of my recipes are a byproduct of me going nuts at the weekly farmers markets, buying more produce than I can handle. That’s why recipes such as this rainbow salad, which are designed to taste amazing, while coincidentally using up as much food as possible, are clearly among my favorites.

Today, instead of salad, I present you this basil lemonade
Um, is that supposed to be tasty?
Yep, very much so!

Purple basil, or thai basil, is vibrant in color and dulcet in taste. Add fresh lemon juice, powdered glucose and a pinch of anise, and you are set to go. It reminds me of ‘şerbet’, the refreshing, yet absurdly sweet lemonade from Ottoman times, that is still popular in Turkey to this day. But don’t worry, my blend is hardly as sweet.

It’s the perfect drink to ask summer for another extension. 

Recipe after the jump. There is a German version too …

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Review: Fructose free, gluten free gummy bears by Frusano // Fructosearme, gluten-freie Gummibärchen von Frusano

Review: Fructose free, gluten free fruit gum bears by Frusano // Fructosearme, gluten-freie Gummibärchen von Frusano // by Fructopia

(Die deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)
It’s time for a new category on Fructopia. From now on I will also present product finds. New products that I’ve tested and that I think are worth sharing. I couldn’t have thought of a better product to kick off this new section than the one I’m about to introduce you to. We all love products that are pretty much flawless, don’t we?

Ok enough already, let me put you out of your misery. The headline to this post probably has you just as excited as I was, when I heard of these fruity gems for the first time. Enter fructose free and gluten free fruit gums by Frusano. Real fruit gummy bears developed for people like us. No refined sugar, sweetened only by fructose free organic glucose syrup. Please give a warm welcome to Fili-Bären!

The moment I read about these gummy bears I knew I had to get my hands on them as soon as my feet touched ground in Berlin. Once I reached my trusted health store (called Reformhaus in German) the lady working there quickly filled me in that I wasn’t the only one who’d caught the scent of these little fellows. Apparently they had sold out in no time. People must love Fili-Bären. I was quite disappointed to hear that they were out of stock. During the following three weeks in Berlin it took me three more attempts before I finally got hold of a few packs to call my own. Because they are rather expensive (one 50 g pack sells for 1,29 €) and I had yet to actually test them I acquired only three packs to start with, which I regret deeply now that I’ve tasted them and can’t get hold of them here in Turkey. Anyway, have I mentioned that these fruit gums taste amazing? Just like real gummy bears. Even if they tasted half as good, they would still taste delicious. The fructose free chocolate by Frusano is already quite a stunner, but these Fili-Bären…oh my!
More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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