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Rainbow Salad With Herbs Galore // Regenbogensalat mit reichlich Kräutern

Rainbow Salad With Herbs Galore // Regenbogensalat mit reichlich Kräutern

Rainbow Salad With Herbs Galore // Regenbogensalat mit reichlich Kräutern

(Die Deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)
Spring arrived in Istanbul a few weeks ago and we are already heading full speed towards Summer. While in Southern Turkey the skin-warming sun lures people into the sea for the first time this year, in Istanbul we are celebrating the sun’s return by letting sweet and plump, bright red strawberries melt in our mouths. All the while the Spring showers, turning the Black Sea region into a bright green wonderland, are responsible for the abundance of delicate and rich greens on display at our weekly farmers market. Trying to refrain oneself from those treats would almost be an insult to this country’s fertility. Thus, happily volunteering to pay tribute, mint, parsley, dill, thyme, basil and other greens pile up in our kitchen every week. We’ve become quite creative in terms of putting the various herbs to use, though sometimes we just can’t keep up and the delicate little plants wither away. To use up all of the herbs in due time I came up with this little rainbow salad. Instead of the usual lettuce I put in bol bol (Turkish for plenty of) fresh herbs resulting in a feast for the eyes and fireworks for your taste buds. I wouldn’t even mind having this salad two days in a row. Recipe after the jump. There is a German version too …

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Beetroot-Nettle-Quiche Low in Fructose // Fruktosearme Brennnessel-Rotebeete-Quiche

Beetroot-Nettle-Quiche Low in Fructose // Fruktosearme Brennnessel-Rotebeete-Quiche // by Fructopia(Die deutsche Version findet ihr im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

I’m back. Six weeks have gone by with our new Turkish life keeping me too busy to prepare my next post. So here it goes, just in time for our two month Istanbul anniversary. Let’s see, what have we been up to during these past couple weeks? Well, the first five weeks we spent unpacking and packing our stuff, moving from one part of the city to another and enjoying the endless hospitality of our local friends. We were, and still are, incredibly lucky to have such amazing Turkish friends, who made it possible for us to stay with them, while looking for and eventually finding a place of our own. Three weeks ago we moved into our own flat and let me tell you, it’s beautiful! It’s located in the center of the city and the rent is pretty cheap compared to the horrendous rents elsewhere in this city. We have a view of the Golden Horn and three roosters that live in front of our window, adding a rural touch to our surroundings. Yes, I’m still talking about Istanbul, home to over 15 million people.  And finally, two weeks after moving in, our friend by the name of Internet decided to join us. So we have been busy catching up with our families and friends abroad and reviewing new Turkish vocabulary on Memrise (I love this tool!). We also welcomed our first guests from Germany to our new home. Together we embarked on trips to the Asian side of Istanbul and to Bursa, home to the classical Turkish dish called Iskender Kebap. We rode the Bosphorus ferries and fell silent in stunning buildings and mosques, while frequently sipping on Turkish tea, enjoying a rare low-fructose Mojito (the secret ingredient: Jasmine tea!) and discovering Yoghurt-Rice-Soup.

The incredible view from our flat:
Pera Palace Hotel, Kasımpaşa Stadium, Aqueduct, Fatih Camii, Golden Horn.

Another recent pastime of ours has been the gradual filling up of our supply cabinet and gigantic fridge, geting me in the mood to attempt some new recipes. The first recipe I’m about to share with you is a recipe for a low-fructose quiche, which I prepared last Sunday for our house-warming/thank you brunch. While my boyfriend cooked an incredibly delicious chili-con-carne, I wanted to serve something without meat, low in fructose and easy to prepare, which lead me to a quiche. There is more and it’s in German too …

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Fructose-low Butter-roasted Cinnamon chicken with almonds // Fruktosearmes Zimt-Butter-Hühnchen mit Mandeln

Fructose-Low Butter-Roasted Cinnamon Chicken with Almonds and Bulghur // by Fructopia (Die deutsche Version findet ihr im Anschluss an den englischen Text) Finally, we have arrived in Istanbul! The place we will be calling home for the next six months or longer, we’ll see. Right now, we don’t know what expects us, what experiences await us. But who wants to know everything in advance anyway? What we weren’t expecting: waterfall like rain showers. Thank you for this warm welcome Istanbul! But it’s exactly the excuse you need to withdraw into the cozy kitchen and cook something nice and heartwarming. Istanbul on a rainy February Day // by Fructopia Don’t worry, not all of my future recipes will be Turkish style. But I guess I can’t and don’t want to prevent a few influences every once in a while ;). I love the Turkish cuisine) Today’s recipe should work everywhere in the world on a grey and rainy February day. Welcome to our special guest for today: cinnamon. I have to admit, I never was a big fan of cinammon. But I guess as with everything else it all depends on the quality. By now I know why I always disliked processed foods that were “refined” with cinnamon. The kind of cinnamon used in this sort of foods usually is of the cheapest quality and tastes very artificial and intense. But since I have to leave out a lot of flavorful vegetables in my meals, spices like cinnamon have subtly made their way to my cook’s heart. And I definitely go for the good quality, expensive ones. What else should I spend my money on? ;) Like all other spices cinnamon has some special healthy properties. Cinnamon not only warms from the inside, but is also anti-inflammatory that eases tension in the digestive system. Hello cinnamon, nice that you found your way into my kitchen! There is more and it’s in German too …

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