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Devil’s Dung, certified fructose free // Teufelsdreck, garantiert fructosearm

Devil's Dung, certified fructose free // Teufelsdreck, garantiert fructosearmDevil's Dung, certified fructose free // Teufelsdreck, garantiert fructosearm

(Die Deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

Last month I treated myself to a little something special. No, I didn’t visit any expensive restaurants, nor did I spend a day at a local Hamam (well actually, I did that too). I did however venture into the world of Ayurveda. Seriously? Ayurveda? Yes, seriously. At the end of the day everybody has their own idea of what a proper ‘treat’ should look like, right? And no, just to spoil the premature excitement and even though that would have been a nice treat as well, I didn’t spend 4 weeks at a yoga resort, meditating all day and sipping on one chai after another, as might be the common association when it comes to Ayurveda. (Note to self: Remember to travel to a distant place and meditate for four weeks someday). Anyway, my exploration into the field of Ayurveda was of course food related and came in form of an Ayurveda cooking class. It sounded interesting enough to make me get up very early on a Sunday morning and literally hop on a ferry to the Asian side of Istanbul.

The term Ayurveda translates to something like ‘wisdom of life’ and is known as a traditional Indian art of healing. Even though the Ayurveda teachings go way beyond just knowing how to nourish your body, that is the part I’ve been coming across quite often lately,which doesn’t come as a surprise. The teachings of Ayurveda seem to know it all, when it comes to calming down and healing a stressed stomach and an unbalanced digestion. And thus I embarked on a welcome excursion into an ancient knowledge promising to treat several unwelcome dietary symptoms. Who wouldn’t, right?

Needless to say, I was pretty excited about the upcoming class and looking forward to acquiring new insights and inspiring recipes, while happily munching on food all day long. My expectations were by far exceeded, thanks to Ulli, the very knowledgeable and kind Ayurveda expert and yoga therapist holding the class. In just four hours she introduced us to a broad palette of herbs and spices as well as to their individual and combined healing benefits. We also talked about sprouting and soaking and on how to make food easier on the stomach in general. Which might further emphasize why this class was invaluable to me. Even though I tend to choose my ingredients wisely when cooking at home, there are still some things that upset my tummy to a certain extent, though they shouldn’t according to so-called popular science. I’m sure that with Ulli’s advice I’ll soon be kicking some serious symptom butt. The best thing about the class though, was it’s simplicity. That’s what made the whole Ayurveda approach so appealing to me in the first place. Despite the many ingredients in use and the alternate approach to what most people dub a normal diet, it is highly applicable. Integrating certain ideas and ways of nourishing in my day to day food routine even felt easy and natural. After all, nobody’s asking you to turn into a fulltime Yogi, right? (I just wanted to make that clear in case this post was getting a bit too spiritual for you ;)

Such a long introduction and I still haven’t told you about the thing that got me most excited during the class, which was a malodorous, but promising ingredient by the distinct name of Asafoetida. Malodorous? You might ask. Well, a spice commonly known as devil’s dung does not necessarily provoke odorant thoughts of a beautiful flowery Spring meadow. Unless of course meadows full of dung are your thing. Asafoetida, aka devil’s dung or hing, has been a staple in medicinal history for centuries but is rarely found in most modern cuisines, except for maybe the Indian. But let me tell you why Asafoetida is of such interest to us FM’ers. I mean, who would voluntarily add something to a dish that smells of rotten eggs? Two words: Garlic & Onion. Seriously, I couldn’t believe my ears when hearing nor my tongue when tasting it. Sparingly used and when heated in some fat, Asafoetida loses its ‘sharp’ taste and releases subtle tastes of onion and garlic, without causing the painful symptoms and bloated stomach. In fact its effect is quite the contrary. It is known to calm the stomach and reduce flatulence. Would somebody responsible for causing this spice’s near passing into oblivion please raise their hand? It’s scandalous and I need someone to blame. More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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Review: iPhone App “Fructosefrei” // Produkttest: iPhone App “Fructosefrei”

Unfortunately today’s post is only available in German. It is a review about an iPhone App dealing with fructose malabsorption. As the app is only available in German and tailored for the German food market, listing products and brands available in Germany only, it didn’t make any sense for me to write this review in English. Sorry for this. The next post will be available in English again. On a side note, the app is not highly recommendable. So you’re not missing out. :)


Ich hab mich vor kurzer Zeit einmal ein bisschen in den App-Stores dieser Welt umgeschaut und geguckt was sich dort so schönes zum Thema Fructoseintoleranz getan hat. Tatsächlich sind mir dabei ein paar Apps in die Hände gefallen. Auch hier scheint sich also etwas zu bewegen. Da viele der Apps sehr teuer sind, die meisten liegen zwischen 5-10€!, möchte ich euch gerne eine paar davon ausführlich vorstellen. Vielleicht hilft es dem ein oder anderen bei der Entscheidung, ob die Apps wirklich ihr Geld wert sind. Den Anfang macht die App Fructosefrei  von Trias (Medizinverlag Thieme). Trias verlegt unter anderem viele Ratgeber zum Thema Lebensmittel-Unverträglichkeiten. Freundlicherweise wurde mir für diesen Test ein Promocode von Trias zur Verfügung gestellt. Vielen Dank dafür!

Bevor ich mir eine App kaufe, lese ich mir zuerst die App-Beschreibung genau durch. Ich weiß, oft wird man dazu verleitet allein anhand der schönen Screenshots seine Kaufentscheidung zu treffen. Der Mensch ist ja bekanntlich ein eher faules Wesen ;) Wichtig sind auch die Rezensionen, die oft gute Hinweise liefern ob die App etwas taugt oder nicht. Allerdings fällt beim Lesen von Rezensionen oft auf, dass viele Käufer eben nicht im Vorfeld die Beschreibung gelesen haben und dann enttäuscht sind, dass die App nicht das versprochen hat, was sie sich erhofft haben.

Jetzt aber zur App Fructosefrei Die App ist bereits Anfang 2011 erschienen und der Preis liegt aktuell bei 5,49 €. Ich hab die App ausführlicher während meines Urlaubes in Berlin getestet, da sie sich vor allem als Einkaufshilfe versteht und neben allgemeinen Angaben zu Obst und Gemüse auch viele Produkte Deutscher Hersteller in der Lebensmittelliste aufführt. Soweit so gut, was verspricht die App genau? Laut App-Beschreibung folgendes: 

“So einfach war es noch nie, jederzeit und überall Lebensmittel auf ihren Fruchtzucker zu überprüfen. Diese App zur Fructoseintoleranz bewertet über 1000 Lebensmittel auf ihre Verträglichkeit und garantiert Einkaufen und Genießen ohne Beschwerden. Die App ist vor allem unterwegs – beim Einkaufen, aber auch im Restaurant eine große Hilfe. Fehlkäufe und Bauchschmerzen werden vermieden. Denn der Lebensmittelcheck zeigt sofort, was Ihnen gut tut!” (Quelle: App-Beschreigung Fructosefrei ✔)

Ein ziemlich ambitioniertes Versprechen, das natürlich jedem Fructoseintoleranz-Betroffenem aus der Seele spricht und sofort Neugierde weckt. Sollte diese App letzten Endes wirklich das Ende der stundenlangen Lebensmittelsuche und tagtäglichen Symptome bedeuten? Meer nach dem Klick …

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Review: Fructose free, gluten free gummy bears by Frusano // Fructosearme, gluten-freie Gummibärchen von Frusano

Review: Fructose free, gluten free fruit gum bears by Frusano // Fructosearme, gluten-freie Gummibärchen von Frusano // by Fructopia

(Die deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)
It’s time for a new category on Fructopia. From now on I will also present product finds. New products that I’ve tested and that I think are worth sharing. I couldn’t have thought of a better product to kick off this new section than the one I’m about to introduce you to. We all love products that are pretty much flawless, don’t we?

Ok enough already, let me put you out of your misery. The headline to this post probably has you just as excited as I was, when I heard of these fruity gems for the first time. Enter fructose free and gluten free fruit gums by Frusano. Real fruit gummy bears developed for people like us. No refined sugar, sweetened only by fructose free organic glucose syrup. Please give a warm welcome to Fili-Bären!

The moment I read about these gummy bears I knew I had to get my hands on them as soon as my feet touched ground in Berlin. Once I reached my trusted health store (called Reformhaus in German) the lady working there quickly filled me in that I wasn’t the only one who’d caught the scent of these little fellows. Apparently they had sold out in no time. People must love Fili-Bären. I was quite disappointed to hear that they were out of stock. During the following three weeks in Berlin it took me three more attempts before I finally got hold of a few packs to call my own. Because they are rather expensive (one 50 g pack sells for 1,29 €) and I had yet to actually test them I acquired only three packs to start with, which I regret deeply now that I’ve tasted them and can’t get hold of them here in Turkey. Anyway, have I mentioned that these fruit gums taste amazing? Just like real gummy bears. Even if they tasted half as good, they would still taste delicious. The fructose free chocolate by Frusano is already quite a stunner, but these Fili-Bären…oh my!
More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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A good week starts with some good reads // Eine gute Woche beginnt mit guter Lektüre

(Die deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)
I spent the past two weeks suffering from a proper cold, rushing to a couple of last minute “let’s have a coffee”-meets with friends in Berlin and preparing myself for our return to Istanbul. Though it was only three weeks, it feels as though I’ve been away for ages. I’m actually having some difficulties getting back on track. Maybe it’s because we didn’t just return to Istanbul, no, at the same time we moved into a new interim flat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really cozy place with huge windows for the sun to fill the rooms with its warming autumnal light. It’s just a little strenuous adapting to a new place, new neighborhood, new rhythm once again, knowing all along that in about three months time we are going to need to find a new place to call home.

Also the trip itself back to Istanbul was quite a disappointment. I already told you about the frustration I experienced on the way to Berlin when SWISS didn’t manage to cater to my order of a gluten-free meal.  During our stay in Berlin I called their customer service to make sure, this wouldn’t happen again on the way back. I was super surprised to learn that SWISS doesn’t respond to special meal requirements on short-distance flights and that it would be my own responsibility to prepare enough food to keep me going during the upcoming five-hour trip back from Berlin via Zurich and on to Istanbul. Not a big deal in their mind I guess. Thanks a lot SWISS for helping out. Not. Again. By the way, stunning three weeks after my mail they managed to answer to my mail. Three weeks! It’s 2013 by the way, not the 1980s.

Chocolate-Spelt-Buns (fructose free, wheat free)

Even though I prepared some food, which they almost didn’t let me bring onto the plane during the routine security checks, it was frustrating watching others being served a warm meal. I know it’s usually better to skip the crappy airplane food, but who cares when hungry, frustrated and on a trip back home, which is taking way too long. I mean, come on SWISS, it’s not like I asked for some crazy, exotic, out of this world, nut, grain, lactose and fructose free meal that includes some fresh salmon with millet and a delicious avocado-chocolate-mousse on the side. All I asked for was a gluten-free meal, which they proudly advertise on their website anyway. This failure in customer service left me munching on my banana, nuts and homemade cocoa spelt buns for the rest of the journey. The spelt buns were good, no doubt, but after having eaten five of them the day before, I was getting a bit tired of their taste. The reason why I won’t be sharing the recipe with you yet? I ended up using a lot more spelt flour than planned and need to work on the recipe again.

Well, so much for a quick update. Sorry about spreading those negative vibes. In any case, before I wish you an amazing start into another sunny fall week (or is it spring where you live?), I’d like to share two nice reads with you. A warming cup of turmeric milk should make these reads even more enjoyable ;)
More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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