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Cornbread Comeback // Orientalisches Maisbrot-Sandwich

Oriental Cornbread Sandwich // Orientalisches Maisbrot-Sandwich // by Fructopia

Oriental Cornbread Sandwich // Orientalisches Maisbrot-Sandwich // by Fructopia

(Die Deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

Is this really today’s date? Are we already this close to October? As for the summerlong silence on Fructopia, that could only mean one thing:

Faces held out towards the warming sun, legs dangling in the sparkling sea, endless nights on the terrace of a summer house located somewhere along the manifold azure blue coastal landscape of southern Turkey. A table bending under the weight of all the delicious mezze and fresh produce, brought forth by the fertile earth we are surrounded by. Standing nearby, a grill with delicate fish, bought off of a local fisherman on our way home from the beach. He shares a faint smile as a long day out on the sea comes to an end. Sun, wind and water have left their marks on his face, hinting at all the stories he could tell.

You are probably thinking, that I must have thoroughly been enjoying myself this summer. After all, every true „Istanbullu“ spends summer at their summer house, right?

Cut, rewind. Let’s start from scratch. But this time, let’s stick to the facts, okay? ;) 

Recipe after the jump. There is a German version too …

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