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Going gluten free Part III: My new favorite superfoods // Abenteuer gluten-frei Teil III: Noch wertvoller ernähren mit diesen acht Energieboostern

Going gluten free Part III: My new favorite superfoods // Abenteuer gluten-frei Teil III: Noch wertvoller ernähren mit diesen acht Energieboostern // by Fructopia

(Die deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

It’s been seven months since we left our home in Berlin in an attempt to grow roots in Istanbul. A few days ago we arrived back in Berlin. It’s our first time home since February. I was looking forward to these upcoming three weeks. Looking forward to all the breakfasts, lunches and dinners with friends and loved ones, to happy bike rides in the city and enjoying morning runs in the park close by. Other than that, I must confess, there is not much I missed about Berlin. Who would, considering the numerous hours of sunshine Istanbul provided us with, all the Turkish food and fresh seasonal goods grown on the fertile lands of the rough Black Sea, the thousand plus different views of the Bosphorus or the seemingly endless supply of new and one of a kind impressions. Istanbul has not failed to keep us entertained. Needless to say the Gezi Park protests and the surprisingly violent response by the police caused quite a stir in our daily lives.

On a different note my food routine got stirred up as well. For one thing, the initial shift from German/European cuisine to the Turkish/Ottoman introduced me to a whole new world of food-related possibilities. Also the steady onflow of visitors encouraged me to taste my way through the city’s culinary offerings, tempting me and leading me to try and discover all kinds of foods and dishes from savory to sweet. The biggest change in dietary routine however was brought about by my “discovery” of the FODMAP approach and my decision to not remove fructose but also gluten from my diet. From one day to the next my list of possible ingredients and thus my repertoire of tested and to-be-tested recipes had been diminished and equally expanded. How’s that? When being confronted with the term “malabsorption” for the first time the first thing on our minds will most likely be all the yummy foods we will have to do without in the future. While at the same time we tend to forget to appreciate the things we can still eat and ignore the fact that a certain malabsorption will also introduce us to a bunch mouthwatering alternatives and a list of new ingredients waiting to be discovered.

I’ve decided to share my new favorites with you. Have a look at these 8 superfoods listed below that hold a special place in my heart since going gluten free. More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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