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Brunch for one // Brunch mal Eins

Brunch for One: Millet Patties // Brunch für Eins: Hirse-Bratlinge // by Fructopia

Brunch for One: Millet Patties // Brunch mal Eins: Hirse-Bratlinge // by Fructopia

(Die Deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

Sundays for me are preferably spent relaxing and in most cases also cooking ahead. Even though I do not meticulously plan out my meals for the upcoming week, I still like to be prepared. Prepared in terms of knowing that sometimes it can be difficult for people like us to quickly whip up a healthy and filling meal. That is why on Sundays I usually cook up a batch of buckwheat, potatoes or millet, or all of the above, to store in the fridge. That way I have a fructosefriendly and gluten free base on hand to ready a nice meal. This is particularly convenient when I’m running late and still need to pack lunch rather than returning home on an empty stomach.

Speaking of planning ahead it is about time I share this recipe for millet patties with you. While millet has become one of my favorite gluten-free super foods, these millet patties are quite the perfect all-rounder. Due to their subtle taste they go well with almost everything: Have them with eggs and salmon for brunch like I did, with a spicy yoghurt dip for lunch or with a salad for dinner. They taste equally good warm and cold, that’s why they also make a great take away snack. Be warned though, this recipe is a bit time consuming. Then again, Sundays are usually more slow-paced anyway, right? Plus, in my opinion it’s even more rewarding to treat yourself to a nice meal you’ve worked hard on. ;) So make a batch of millet patties and grab whatever else your heart desires on the side and enjoy a cozy, well-deserved Sunday brunch!

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P.P.S I submitted this recipe to a competition by OTTO. It is a cookbook collaboration project. Keep your fingers crossed that my recipe will make it to the finals!  Recipe after the jump. There is a German version too …

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Spicy celery root fries with oriental yoghurt dip // Würzige Sellerie-Pommes mit orientalischem Joghurt-Dip

Spicy celery root fries with oriental yoghurt dip // Würzige Sellerie-Pommes mit orientalischem Joghurt-Dip

(Die deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

If you take a closer look at my recipe list you might assume I have quite a sweet tooth. Sorry to disappoint you. Though it is true, I used to be a sugar addict, eating lots of sweets up until I was diagnosed with FM. Beyond any doubt, it is my fructose malabsorption I blame most for my sugar cravings. And believe me, I’m more than happy the cravings have finally ceased. Most of the dishes I cook at home are actually more on the savory side and I would always prefer a piece of fenugreek-goat-cheese on a slice of whole spelt bread over a cup of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. I’ve become a savory girl through and through. To prove that, in my future posts I want to share some more recipes catering to our savory cravings. Today’s recipe features one of my favorite winter foods, namely celery root or celeriac. Celeriac is a good substitute for grainy side dishes, as it is quite filling. Besides its health benefits I like the mild and slightly nutty flavor of this magic root. So let’s kick off the celery root season with some easy to prepare celeriac fries and an oriental spiced yoghurt dip!
Recipe after the jump. There is a German version too …

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