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Enjoy your meal: Travelling with fructose malabsorption // Enjoy your meal: Reisen mit Fructoseintoleranz

Travelling with fructose malabsorption // Reisen mit Fructoseintoleranz

Enjoy your meal. What you get, when your airline does not process you order for a special meal on time: Sugar and wheat loaded cake and pasta with tomato-“vegetable”-onion-sauce. // Guten Appetit! Was man serviert bekommt, wenn die Fluggesellschaft nicht rechtzeitig in der Lage ist die Bestellung für ein Spezialmenü zu bearbeiten: Zucker- und Weizenbombe in Form von Kuchen, dazu Nudeln mit Tomaten-“Gemüse”-Zwiebel-Soße.

(Die deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

Travelling is not easy, when suffering from fructose malabsorption. Of course I know that. Still, so far I haven’t starved when hopping on a plane. Usually there is the standard “chicken or pasta” choice. Most of the time I go for the chicken to eat the meat at least. When I’m lucky they serve rice with it or a salad without dressing. I peck around in those tiny serving dishes and eat whatever my body tolerates. This time however, I didn’t want to leave things up to chance. I checked the special menus offered by SWISS in advance. I wasn’t expecting to find a menu low in fructose, that would have been somewhat of a revolution. Instead I opted for a gluten-free meal for my journey from Istanbul to Berlin.

“Let us know your desired special meal when booking your flight or contact one of the SWISS agents a minimum of 24 hours prior to departure.” swiss.com

This is the moment when customer service turns into a nightmare. More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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