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Going Gluten Free IV: A side note on dairy // Abenteuer gluten-frei Teil IV: Und was ist mit Milch?

Going gluten free IV: A side note on dairy // Abenteuer gluten-frei Teil IV: Und was ist mit Milch? // by Fructopia

(Die Deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

Last year, during my initial phase of going gluten free I reflected not only on my wheat consumption but also on my diet in general. I figured that I was consuming a lot more dairy here in Istanbul than I used to do back in Berlin. Since moving here I had yoghurt for breakfast every single morning, drank many, many café lattes and ate lots of salads topped with loads of feta cheese. Everybody knows, too much of anything is never good, so I felt the urge to put a halt on this. In the back of my head I developed this thought that just maybe I could hit two birds with one stone: Going gluten and dairy free at the same time. I mean, why not? I was about to change my diet completely anyway, right?

Some of you might break out in hysterical laughter right now and I can’t even blame you.
Little did I now, how time consuming and sometimes frustrating it would be to go gluten free. This process once again put all my previously acquired eating habits into question (see Unlearning snacking). Cutting out dairy as well was just as naive as believing in sticking to one’s New Year’s resolution. More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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Why it’s good that fructose is bad for us // Warum es gut ist, dass Fruktose schlecht ist für uns

Why its good that fructose is bad for us // Warum es gut ist, dass Fruktose schlecht ist für uns // Fructopia (Die deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

From time to time I know it can be a bit tiring to be friends with, related to or in a relationship with me, the adamant no-fructose-advocate that I am. Even four years after being diagnosed with FM, I’m not showing any signs of fatigue in bringing up the fructose topic. Be it by making critical observations on why certain foods are unhealthy (which I usually make just as a friend is about to dive into their said plate of food). or in response to somebody once again asking me, why (after turning down the piece of cake) I won’t have any of the fruit either. Enter the sugar-police! I always try not to lecture, rather to explain. I understand that my little sister for example is not keen on hearing my opinions on sugar, as she is just about to have a bite of her delicious looking cupcake. (I am still the older sister, though, so bear with me) In the end, all I am really trying to say is that I am concerned about the health of my loved ones.

Good to see that my relentless fructose-free input has left some positive marks within my circle of friends. They seem much more conscious about handling their daily sugar intake and some have even taken to research on their own. Lucky me, sometimes they share an interesting article or two with me. Lucky you, sometimes I share those articles with you! So here goes: More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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A good week starts with some good reads // Eine gute Woche beginnt mit guter Lektüre

(Die deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)
I spent the past two weeks suffering from a proper cold, rushing to a couple of last minute “let’s have a coffee”-meets with friends in Berlin and preparing myself for our return to Istanbul. Though it was only three weeks, it feels as though I’ve been away for ages. I’m actually having some difficulties getting back on track. Maybe it’s because we didn’t just return to Istanbul, no, at the same time we moved into a new interim flat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really cozy place with huge windows for the sun to fill the rooms with its warming autumnal light. It’s just a little strenuous adapting to a new place, new neighborhood, new rhythm once again, knowing all along that in about three months time we are going to need to find a new place to call home.

Also the trip itself back to Istanbul was quite a disappointment. I already told you about the frustration I experienced on the way to Berlin when SWISS didn’t manage to cater to my order of a gluten-free meal.  During our stay in Berlin I called their customer service to make sure, this wouldn’t happen again on the way back. I was super surprised to learn that SWISS doesn’t respond to special meal requirements on short-distance flights and that it would be my own responsibility to prepare enough food to keep me going during the upcoming five-hour trip back from Berlin via Zurich and on to Istanbul. Not a big deal in their mind I guess. Thanks a lot SWISS for helping out. Not. Again. By the way, stunning three weeks after my mail they managed to answer to my mail. Three weeks! It’s 2013 by the way, not the 1980s.

Chocolate-Spelt-Buns (fructose free, wheat free)

Even though I prepared some food, which they almost didn’t let me bring onto the plane during the routine security checks, it was frustrating watching others being served a warm meal. I know it’s usually better to skip the crappy airplane food, but who cares when hungry, frustrated and on a trip back home, which is taking way too long. I mean, come on SWISS, it’s not like I asked for some crazy, exotic, out of this world, nut, grain, lactose and fructose free meal that includes some fresh salmon with millet and a delicious avocado-chocolate-mousse on the side. All I asked for was a gluten-free meal, which they proudly advertise on their website anyway. This failure in customer service left me munching on my banana, nuts and homemade cocoa spelt buns for the rest of the journey. The spelt buns were good, no doubt, but after having eaten five of them the day before, I was getting a bit tired of their taste. The reason why I won’t be sharing the recipe with you yet? I ended up using a lot more spelt flour than planned and need to work on the recipe again.

Well, so much for a quick update. Sorry about spreading those negative vibes. In any case, before I wish you an amazing start into another sunny fall week (or is it spring where you live?), I’d like to share two nice reads with you. A warming cup of turmeric milk should make these reads even more enjoyable ;)
More after the jump. There is a German version too …

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On to-do lists, gluten, birthdays and fructose // Über To-Do-Listen, Gluten, Geburtstage und Fruktose

A long overdue task // Das so lange vor mir hergeschobene To-Do

(Scroll down to read the German version//Weiter unten findet ihr die deutsche Version des Textes)

I‘m a big fan of to-do lists, both handwritten and digital. I also love getting the individual to-dos, want-to-dos or whatever you like to call them depending on their respective level of fun back off my list and off my back for good. But sometimes one of the to-dos decides to stay on the list. It is times like those, when I simply can’t complete the job at hand. Instead that small to-do becomes a ubiquitous mental note, floating above of my inner mess of thoughts, making me more miserable and more afraid to tackle it with every day I’ve failed to approach it. I hate it.  Believe me, I’m not talking about some dreadful task here. I just hate it, because I know perfectly well that getting it done would be an easy way to clear my mind. Yet I still fail to follow through.

This is why I was afraid to check the date of my last post here. I still haven’t looked it up. There is no need to. However long it has been since my last post I haven’t forgotten what I’d been meaning to tell you:

For one, we have been welcoming, hosting and seeing off a steady flood of visitors from home who seized their summer holidays as an opportunity to explore Istanbul with us. So there we were, guiding our guests, showing them around, running up and down the hills of this beautiful city at a constant average temperature of 32°C/90°F in the shade and taking a break here and there making me unlearn snacking for the ‘I’ve stopped counting’-est-time.

I also missed out on telling you that it’s been 8 weeks now since I cancelled wheat from my diet. I had kind a sudden sort of epiphany, when I realized why so many of you fellow fructose malabsorptioners avoid wheat. Food life has been quite adventurous since I started my gluten-free journey and there is much to tell you about in my next post.

We also celebrated a birthday, my very own thirtieth birthday to be precise, which I still find slightly weird realizing it is my own age. But if being in ones thirties means getting a fructose-friendly, gluten-free cheesecake from my boyfriend I willingly embrace this new era. He kindly gave his permission to share the recipe too and so I will, shortly.

On another note I missed out on sharing the following article, which reminds us of why it’s a good thing, that fructose is bad for us and why it‘s worth it taking a stand against this little monster day in day out. Read it here. Found on No Sugarless Gum. Thanks for sharing Paige!

So much for my long overdue update. It was good to catch up. I’m looking forward to sharing more details on my newly acquired fructose AND gluten free eating habits with you soon! Have a great Sunday!


Ich bin ein großer Fan von To-Do-Listen, sei es auf Papier oder iPhone. Ich liebe es To-Dos, Want-Dos oder wie auch immer man sie abhängig vom jeweilen Spaßlevel nennen mag, abzuhaken. Manchmal passiert es jedoch, dass einer dieser Aufgaben, gar nicht unbedingt von schwieriger Natur, einfach auf dem Zettel hängen bleibt. Eine unscheinbare, ohne große Anstrengung erledigbare Aufgabe, die ich einfach nicht zum Zuge kommt. Die stattdessen zur omnipräsenten, mentalen Notiz wird, die noch über allem anderen Gedankenwirrwar in meinem Kopf herumschwirrt. Und mit jedem Tag, an dem ich es wieder nicht geschafft habe, sie zu erledigen, fühl ich mich elendiger, denke noch mehr darüber nach und rücke doch nur ein bisschen mehr vom sehnlichst erwünschten Haken weg. Das schlimme daran, ich weiß noch ganz genau, dass es so ein einfacher Weg wäre den Kopf frei zu bekommen. Und trotzdem schaffe ich es nicht, mich endlich an die Arbeit zu machen.

Genau deshalb wollte ich mir auch das Datum des letzten Posts nicht so genau anschauen. Warum auch, ich weiss ja, dass der letzte Beitrag eine gefühlte Ewigkeit her ist, ich weiß ja, was ich alles versäumt hab euch zu erzählen:

Zum einen habe ich nicht von der Flut an Urlaubern aus Deutschland berichtet, die die Ferienzeit genutzt haben um gemeinsam mit uns die Stadt zu entdecken. Sprich den Großteil der letzten zwei Monate waren wir damit beschäftigt bei 32° Grad im Schatten die Hügel Istanbuls auf und ab zu marschieren, was gleichbedeutend mit viel Tee trinken und viel Essen ist und mir eine neue Runde “Das Naschen verlernen” eingebrockt hat.

Die wichtigste Neuigkeit ist aber wohl, dass ich mich vor gut 8 Wochen von unserem ständigen Begleiter Gluten getrennt habe. Nach einer weiteren ausgiebigen Recherche zum Thema Fruktoseintoleranz hatte ich eine schlagartige Erleuchtung warum so viele andere Fruktoseintoleranz-Betroffene Weizen und andere glutenhaltige Getreidesorten von ihrem Ernährungsplan gestrichen haben. Seitdem ist mein Ernährungsalltag noch abenteuerlicher als zuvor schon und ich freu mich euch im nächsten Beitrag ausführlicher darüber zu berichten.

Auch einen Geburtstag habe ich euch vorenthalten. Genauer gesagt meinen höchst eigenen 30. Geburtstag. Die Zahl ist mir noch immer fremd, vor allem, da sie mit meinem eigenen Alter in Zusammenhang stehen soll. Wenn aber “in den 30ern sein” bedeutet, glutenfreie, fruktosearme Käsekuchen von meinem Freund gebacken zu bekommen, bin ich durchaus bereit dieser neuen Ära eine Chance zu geben. Das Rezept zu diesem Meisterwerk werde ich euch mit freundlicher Genehmigung vom besten Freund der Welt in der nächsten Woche präsentieren.

Zum Schluss möchte ich noch einen Artikel mit euch teilen, der mir wieder einmal gezeigt hat, warum unser täglicher Kampf gegen die Fruktose so wertvoll ist, warum wir uns glücklich schätzen können, dass wir dieses kleine Monster so akribisch von unserem Speiseplan verdammen. Lesen könnt ihr den Artikel hier. Gefunden hab ich ihn auf No Sugarless Gum.

Soviel zu meinem längst überfälligen Update. Es tut gut, versäumtes nachzuholen und ich freu mich jetzt schon darauf euch mehr von meinem neugewonnenen fruktosearmen UND glutenfreien Ernährungsgewohnheiten zu berichten. Macht euch noch einen schönen Sonntag!

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