On the move // Weiter geht’s

Dear Readers,

FRUCTOPIA has a new home and a new dress. From now on, this page (fructopia.wordpress.com) will be forwarded to fructopia.de

Not everything is perfect yet, but bear with me please. A proper logo, a new ‘about‘ page and the list goes on. There is still some work ahead, but I’m trying to set up everything asap, in order to keep the posts coming.

One important note: If you don’t want to miss any of my future posts, please make sure to sign up for the newsletter on fructopia.de again, as your previous newsletter subscriptions are no longer valid.

Happy discovering the new page and don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Much appreciated,

Meine lieben Leser,

FRUCTOPIA hat ein neues Zuhause und präsentiert sich im neuen Gewandt. Ab sofort wird diese Seite (fructopia.wordpress.com) automatisch auf fructopia.de umgeleitet.

Noch ist nicht alles perfekt, ich weiss, bitte verzeiht. Eine neue ‘About’-Seite, ein echtes Logo, die Liste an Aufgaben ist lang. Aber ich arbeite daran, damit ich euch so schnell es geht wieder schöne, neue Beiträge schreiben kann.

Ein wichtiger Hinweis: Damit ihr auch in Zukunft keinen Beitrag verpasst, vergesst bitte nicht euch für den Newsletter auf der neuen Seite einzutragen. Eure alten Newsletter-Abonnements wurden nicht automatisch übertragen.

Und jetzt viel Spass beim entdecken der neuen Seite! Ich bin gespannt über euer Feedback!

liebste. Deniz

In a purple mood for lemonade // Lila Limonadenlaune

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Most of my recipes are a byproduct of me going nuts at the weekly farmers markets, buying more produce than I can handle. That’s why recipes such as this rainbow salad, which are designed to taste amazing, while coincidentally using up as much food as possible, are clearly among my favorites.

Today, instead of salad, I present you this basil lemonade
Um, is that supposed to be tasty?
Yep, very much so!

Purple basil, or thai basil, is vibrant in color and dulcet in taste. Add fresh lemon juice, powdered glucose and a pinch of anise, and you are set to go. It reminds me of ‘şerbet’, the refreshing, yet absurdly sweet lemonade from Ottoman times, that is still popular in Turkey to this day. But don’t worry, my blend is hardly as sweet.

It’s the perfect drink to ask summer for another extension. 

Recipe after the jump. There is a German version too …

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Cornbread Comeback // Orientalisches Maisbrot-Sandwich

Oriental Cornbread Sandwich // Orientalisches Maisbrot-Sandwich // by Fructopia

Oriental Cornbread Sandwich // Orientalisches Maisbrot-Sandwich // by Fructopia

(Die Deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)

Is this really today’s date? Are we already this close to October? As for the summerlong silence on Fructopia, that could only mean one thing:

Faces held out towards the warming sun, legs dangling in the sparkling sea, endless nights on the terrace of a summer house located somewhere along the manifold azure blue coastal landscape of southern Turkey. A table bending under the weight of all the delicious mezze and fresh produce, brought forth by the fertile earth we are surrounded by. Standing nearby, a grill with delicate fish, bought off of a local fisherman on our way home from the beach. He shares a faint smile as a long day out on the sea comes to an end. Sun, wind and water have left their marks on his face, hinting at all the stories he could tell.

You are probably thinking, that I must have thoroughly been enjoying myself this summer. After all, every true „Istanbullu“ spends summer at their summer house, right?

Cut, rewind. Let’s start from scratch. But this time, let’s stick to the facts, okay? ;) 

Recipe after the jump. There is a German version too …

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Feeling Mallow // Grünes Wunder vom Wegesrand

Feeling Mallow // Grünes Wunder vom Wegesrand // by FructopiaFeeling Mallow // Grünes Wunder vom Wegesrand // by Fructopia

(Die Deutsche Version findet ihr wie immer im Anschluss an den englischen Text)
It may just be the season, but the whole blogosphere and Instagram community seems to be going crazy about smoothies and smoothie bowls at the moment. I’ve also been observing an increasing demand for smoothies low in fructose, which are just a little bit more challenging to make. I already introduced you to my own favourite smoothie recipe a while ago, but in general I keep on combining and testing whichever ingredients I manage to get my hands on. One of my favourite finds so far this year is marshmallow. Ok, not quite, but close. It’s actually the common mallow. Common mallow is this lovely little plant, which grows on the side of roads and hiking paths, which we usually don’t pay much attention to. Most people don’t even know that its leaves as well as flowers are edible and that both make wonderful additions to any salad. When added to soups, mallow acts as a thickening agent. Of course you can make some delicious tea with it too. But it is not just its taste that draws me to common mallow. In the end it’s all the more fun, when there are some additional health benefits involved, right? So what good can mallow do for you? First of all it is rich in Vitamin C and beneficial mucilage. The abundant mucilage soothes throat inflammations and coughs. It also has a slightly laxative effect. Not too shabby, don’t you think? What’s best is: Common mallow is free. When you are out on your next walk in an area that resembles nature you’ll probably start spotting it everywhere. Because it literally grows everywhere. That small patch of grass, the one that all the dogs in your neighborhood choose to pee on, does not count though. So grab your book for identifying local, wild flora, go out and collect some mallow for your salad and this smooth spring smoothie. Recipe after the jump. There is a German version too …

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